Here is Volker Möller's brief bio.


My mission


I am a passionate geologist and have a broad interest in economic geology, in particular in magmatic and hydrothermal mineral deposits. I have worked on deposits of Au, U, PGE, V, diamonds, W, Cu, iron ore, Pb-Ag, REE, Nb and Zr. My Ph.D. research at McGill University was focused on the magmatic and metasomatic-hydrothermal processes that led to the enrichment of rare earth elements (REE) and other high field strength elements (HFSE), such as yttrium, niobium, tantalum and zirconium to economic grades in the Nechalacho rare metal deposit at Thor Lake, Northwest Territories.

So who am I?


I am originally from Germany and studied geology at the Geo-Center of Northern Bavaria in Erlangen. During the Diplom (M.Sc.) program I developed a strong background in Economic Geology, through scientific research and professional appointments in Germany and South Africa. This interest led me to move to Canada in 2010 to engage in the study of a recently discovered rare earth element deposit. In Canada, I have also worked as a mineral exploration geologist, as a mine geologist and organized various economic geology field trips together with the McGill chapter of the Society of Economic Geologists.



Broad experience in field-based geology, mapping, igneous petrology, hydrothermal geochemistry and structural geology.

Mapping software ArcGIS, Geosoft Target

3D geological modeling using Datamine, GEMS, MineSight and Leapfrog

Petrographic methods: conventional microscopy, SEM, TEM

Analytical methods: bulk rock geochemical studies, electron microprobe, Laser Ablation ICP-MS, radiometric dating, radiogenic and stable isotopes, fluid inclusions

Professional Experience


2010 - 2014    Exploration Geologist with Avalon Rare Metals Inc. (Canada)

2013                Summer job at CanTung tungsten-copper mine, NWT (Canada)

2008                Geological Consultant for MSA Geoservices (South Africa)

2005 - 2008    Geological Consultant at Porst & Partner (Germany)


Ph.D. Economic Geology, Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill University.
M.Sc. Geology, Geo-Center of Northern Bavaria, Germany - Thesis in Economic Geology and Structural Geology.